The Highly-Qualified Professional Visa allows non-EU workers to live and work legally in Spain if they find a job offer in a Spanish company under a qualified or technical position or as a manager.

This type of visa extends for 2 years that can be renewed. Marfour International Law Firm can help you obtain the Highly-Qualified Professional Visa.

This permit is regulated by the law 14/2013 under the article 71. This article focuses on the different criteria to meet in order to be eligible for the visa.

Who is concerned?

  1. Management or highly qualified personnel, when the company or group of companies meets any of the following characteristics:
  • An average of more than 250 workers in Spain during the three months immediately preceding the submission of the application, enrolled in the corresponding social security scheme.
  • Annual net turnover in Spain of more than 50 million euros; or equity or net worth in Spain of more than 43 million euros.
  • Average annual gross investment from abroad of at least 1 million euros in the three years immediately preceding the submission of the application.
  • Companies whose value or position of the investment stock is greater than 3 million euros
  • In the case of small and medium-sized companies established in Spain, belonging to a sector considered strategic, as accredited by a report from the Directorate General of International Trade and Investment.
  • Management or highly qualified personnel who are part of a business project that is of general interest by the Directorate General for International Trade and Investment like for example:
  • A significant increase in the creation of jobs
  • Maintenance of employment
  • A relevant contribution to scientific and/or technological innovation
  • Graduates, postgraduates from prestigious universities and business schools.

Salary requirement

Among the requirements above, the worker salary is also really important to obtain the visa.

  • If you are a manager/director, a minimum of 54.000€/year is required.
  • If you are a scientific or intellectual professional, you will need a minimum of


However, a lower salary may be required (25% reduction of the legal base) if the application comes from a small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) or if the applicant is under 30 years old.

How to apply?

The application will be submitted by your lawyer to the Large Business and Strategic Sectors Unit (UGE). Marfour can assist you during all the application process.

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