Self-Employed Work Visa In Spain

Do you want to move to Spain and set up your own business in Spain? So, Marfour is the right immigration Law Firm in Spain to guide you through this process step by step.

This type of work visa in Spain is ideal for those non-EU citizens that wish to come to Spain to work as autonomous, freelancer setting up a business in Spain.

Anyone can set up a business in Spain without any restrictions, our immigration Lawyers can help you to set up your business and obtain your Self-employed Visa in Spain (Autorización de residencia y trabajo por cuenta propia).

The first Spanish work visa is valid for one-year calendar. After, this first year, the applicant can keep renewing its Spanish self-employed work permit every two years. To continue renewing the residence permit, the applicant needs to be living in Spain and paying their social security and duties with the tax agency. After 5 years of residence in Spain, the applicant can apply for Spanish permanent – Long Term residence permit (Larga Duracion residence card).

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What are the main requirements for this Spanish work permit?

The main requirements for the Spanish self-employed work visa are as follows:

  1. To have a business plan.
  2. To have enough savings in order to run the business and to take care of their expenses.
  3. To be more 18 years of age.
  4. To not have criminal records.
  5. To have the necessary licenses and local authorizations necessary for running the business.
  6. To have the necessary professional qualification and experience in order to run the planned business.

How I can get the Spanish Self-employed work visa?

The application process consists of filling the application to the Spanish Consulate in the country of origin or legal residence. The Spanish authorities have a maximum of 3 months to issue you a resolution. If the resolution is positive, the Spanish Consulate will issue you a visa valid for 3 months. Then, the applicant must travel to Spain within these 3 months to continue with the process in Spain and obtain the TIE–Card.

Once the applicant arrives in Spain, they have to enroll at the social security and the tax office concretely as Autonomous or AIE (Impuesto sobre actividades economicas). Moreover, being a self-employed requires having an accounting advisor (wellknow in Spanish as a gestor or asesoria) to file properly your tax declarations and VAT Declarations.

Finally, the applicant have one month in order to get their fingerprints taken for obtaining their TIE-Foreigner Residence Card.

Our English-speaking immigration Lawyer in Spain can assist you with the whole process. We will be at your side to guide you through all stages of the process, draft your business plan and take care of your self-employee application, accounting, and registration at the social security.

What this service includes?

  1. Tailored legal advice
  2. Guidance on gathering the necessary documents
  3. Dealing and arranging the meetings the Spanish authorities in behalf of the client
  4. Direct contact with the Spanish Consulate.
  5. Assist with the translation of the documents into Spanish
  6. Drafting you business plan
  7. Following the application until its resolution
  8. Assisting with the registration at the Spanish City council
  9. Preparing of the corresponding forms and administration fee.
  10. Assisting with the meeting with the Police in Spain to obtain TIE Card.

Do You Need To Renew Your Self-Emloyed Work Autorization In Spain?

Marfour International Law Firm has the right immigration lawyers in order to assist you to renew your Spanish work authorization.

If your card expires soon, you should start gathering the necessary documents to submit the renewal during the 60 days before the card expiration date or 90 days after the card expires.

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What are the main requirements to renew my self -employed Work Authorization in Spain?

Meet one of the following criteria:

  • To maintain the same situation that generated the authorization or
  • To being beneficiary of the protection due to termination of activity.
  • Plus: not have unpaid duties with the social security or tax agency.

How CAN I submit the renewal of my Self-employed work Visa in Spain?

The application can be submitting by your Spanish immigration Lawyer in your behalf to the immigration office of you city.

The administration has until 3 months to issue you a resolution. If the application is not solved after 3 months from the submission date, we understand that the application has been approved by positive silence of the administration.

After the approval of your renewal, the applicant will proceed with the application of the TIE-card.


I had a very good professional experience with this law firm. The help me gather the necessary documents and review all them together before the submission. Very attentive and they were very quick come forward with answers to all my doubts, I was so luck to have them as my legal adviser.

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Due to Brexit, I had to move to Spain in order to continue during successful my business.
It was very complicated to move my company from UK to Spain. Although it is long process, they knew very well how to handle the process during each step. They drafted an exception business plan for me. I highly recommend Marfour team for self-employed visa application and set up a company in Spain. Thank you very much for making the process easier and simple.

Bryan Adams



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