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Our Corporate lawyers in Barcelona and Madrid can establish your Limited Company.

S.L is a type of company limited by shares or by a guarantee that meets the following characteristics:

1. The capital is divided into shares.
2. The company’s investors are named shareholders.
3. It is legally separated from the people who run it.
4. The personal finances of the shareholders are separated from the company finances.
5. It can keep any profits it makes after paying tax.

In Spain the minimum share in order to set up a company is 3.000 euros.

Set Up Comanies in Spain

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What do you need to do to set up a company?

To set up an SL, your corporate lawyer in Spain can, in your behalf:

  • Obtain a NIE for each shareholder and open a bank account.
  • Obtain the company name certification. The chosen name needs to meet some criteria and be available at the companies House.
  • Obtain the provisional and final Company NIF from the Corporate Tax Agency.
  • Draft the company ‘memorandum of association and articles of association’.
  • Sign the company establishment deed at the Notary.
  • Register the company at the companies House.

Once the company is registered at the Companies House, the company needs to be registered at the Tax Agency and Social Security before starting its commercial activity.

Our Corporate English-speaking lawyers in Spain, with power of attorney, can establish your company in your behalf.

What do you need to do to set up a limited society?

You just need to sign a power of attorney to our lawyers and they will take care of the process.

Our Corporate Solicitors will obtain the NIE of the parent company and they will draft the company’s bylaws in order to proceed with the registration of the company at the Companies House.


  • Giving legal advice about the SL and consequences-advantages.
  • Obtaining NIE numbers and opening a bank account.
  • Applying for the company name.
  • Obtaining the temporary and final NIF of the company.
  • Drafting the company’s bylaws.
  • Representing and signing the establishment deed at the Notary.
  • Registering the SL at the Company House.


I could set up a SL in a couple of weeks; the corporate department has supported me in a very efficient and professional way. Thank you Marfour, you were great to me.

Jack Thomspon

Set up Limited Company

Setting up a company is not an easy task, but Marfour made the process easy. From the very beginning, they were able to write the company’s articles of association as we have indicated them. They also helped us with the registration as autonomous. Thank you for everything you have done for us.

Salim Yaha

Set up Limited Company


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