Marfour International Law Firm in Spain is a multidisciplinary firm with a team of immigration lawyers who are eager to meet the expectations of each client.

Our immigration department aims to offer legal assistance to all those who want to come to Spain to live or work. Marfour offers services for both individuals and companies.

Spain has become a favorite country to emigrate to. More than 13% of the Spanish population are immigrants.

Each year, Spain issues more than one million short- and long-term visas. In 2020, Spanish consulates issued more than 380,000 visas. Due to COVID-19, the number of visas issued in 2020 decreased by 80% compared with 2019.

Spain has become a country of great interest to citizens from the United States, Russia, and China.

We, immigration lawyers of Spain, have carved the best immigration services for you right in Spain. 

Visa assistance: If you are planning to come to Spain, you are most welcome at Marfour Law Firm! 

We will definitely assist you in obtaining a visa according to your situation. We guide you in attaining different types of visas for you as 

  • Tourist visas
  • Student visas
  • Work visas
  • Family reunification visas, etc

Residency permits:

We assure you that we will make Spain your second home. You will feel welcome here no matter which visa you have come with. 

The immigration lawyers of Marfour Law Firm in Sapin are a beacon of light for you. We assist you in obtaining. 

  • Non-litigious residency permits

 If you do not wish to reside here and have only come to earn a better livelihood for your dear ones, then we will help you obtain non-litigious residency permits.

  • Golden Visa Program 

If you want to invest in Spain, Spain will welcome your presence. Moreover, if you desire to buy property in Spain, a golden visa will be prescribed to you. We will help you attain a golden visa.

  • Entrepreneur residency permits

 If you wish to establish a business in Spain and you are searching here and there for a residency permit, you are at the right place. We will definitely assist you. 

Spanish citizenship

Getting Spanish citizenship takes work. It depends on the eligibility and qualifications of the immigrant. 

Our team of immigration lawyers will naturalize this process for you. They will help you prepare documents and submit them.

Family immigration matters

you will not feel alone in Spain. As we assist you in bringing your family members to Spain, what is the procedure for the immigration of family members? Who will tell you? Definitely we, the immigration lawyers of Marfour law firm!

Immigration appeals and litigation

Many times, you face visa denials and residency permit refusals. Instead of getting worried, you can consult us. 

We will provide you with legal representation and file your petitions and appeals to change refusal into acceptance. Therefore, our presence is no less than a blessing for you. 

You will have peace of mind knowing that your legal affairs are in capable hands

 You may face many uncertainties during the immigration process. Spanish immigration lawyers will build safe havens for you.

Transparency helps you understand your situation and alleviates your uncertainty.

We, the dedicated immigration lawyers, keep you informed about every situation throughout the whole process. 

We explain the steps involved, what to expect, and any potential challenges that may arise.

We will update you about the progress of your case

We work actively on your behalf and ensure the progress of your case through different sources, such as Emails, phone calls, and in-person meetings.

We will provide emotional support to you.

The immigration process is definitely stressful and emotional, as you have some wishes attached to it.

 We understand the ups and downs of your mind. Therefore, we will provide emotional support and reassurance. 

To make your path easy, our team of multilingual lawyers is here

 No matter where you belong, we at Marfour Law Firm have multilingual lawyers who speak various languages. 

They can communicate effectively with you and resolve your problems, so there is no language barrier.

A multilingual team with diverse cultural backgrounds can offer you insights into your specific needs and expectations. 

Many immigration documents need to be translated into the local language. A multilingual team can handle these translations accurately, ensuring that all paperwork is in order and complies with local requirements.

So you can discuss your cases and concerns in your preferred language. It will make the process more clear and comfortable for you. 

Our immigration lawyers in Madrid and Barcelona speak English. Many of them are also good at speaking French, Arabic, Turkish, and Russian.

We help you in establishing your foundations in Spain 

Immigration lawyers at Marfour Law Firm in Spain can play a crucial role in helping you settle in Spain by providing a range of legal services and practical assistance. Here are some ways in which we can assist:

  • Housing Assistance

We can help you find suitable housing options in Spain. We can guide rental agreements, lease terms, and property laws. 

  • School Enrollment for Children

 As an immigrant, you may have a family with children. Here is good news for you: We can provide information on the Spanish education system. 

Moreover, we can assist with school enrollment procedures, ensuring that your children are placed in appropriate schools and programs.

  • Healthcare Registration 

You may face health issues like every human being. Every state has a different health system.

 We, the immigration lawyers of Marfour Law Firm, can guide you through registering for the Spanish healthcare system. 

This includes obtaining a social security number and accessing healthcare services.

  • Bank Account Opening

 You will have financial needs as an immigrant. Setting up a bank account in Spain is essential for managing finances. 

We assist with the process, including providing guidance on required documentation and accompanying clients to the bank if needed.

  • Employment Assistance:

 Finding employment in a new country can be challenging. We offer guidance on job search strategies, work permit requirements, employment contracts, and labor laws in Spain.

  • Community Resources

 We connect our dear immigrants with community resources such as language classes, cultural events, social groups, and support services. 

These can definitely help you build social connections and feel more at home in a new country.

  • Renewal of Residency Permits 

As residency permits in Spain typically need to be renewed periodically, we assist immigrants with the renewal process. 

We ensure that all required documentation is submitted on time to maintain legal status.

 Why only Marfour Law Firm?


1. What services do immigration lawyers at Marfour Law Firm provide for immigrants in Spain?

Marfour Law Firm offers a range of services to assist immigrants in Spain, including visa and residency application assistance, family reunification support, legal representation in immigration proceedings, guidance on employment opportunities, housing assistance, and more.

2. How can immigration lawyers help me with my visa application?

The firm’s immigration lawyers can guide you through the process of applying for various types of visas, including work visas, student visas, investor visas, and more. They can ensure that your application is complete and accurate and meets all requirements set by Spanish immigration authorities.

 3. What types of residency permits can Marfour Law Firm assist with?

Marfour Law Firm can assist with applications for temporary residency permits, long-term residency permits, EU Blue Cards, and other types of residency permits available in Spain. They can advise on eligibility criteria, documentation requirements, and the application process.


Irene Romani
Immigration Department 

Applying for the right residence permit or work authorization in Spain can be a very complex and difficult task for those who are not familiar with the law. Therefore, many clients prefer to have the legal assistance of an immigration lawyer in Spain. With the right Spanish immigration lawyer by your side, the process becomes easy and stress-free. Our English-speaking immigration lawyers in Spain will guide you step-by-step and be at your side once you arrive in Spain to complete the immigration process.

At Marfour International Law Firm, our team of English-speaking immigration lawyers in Spain help, each year, over a thousand people make their dream of moving to Spain come true.

Thanks to our English-speaking immigration lawyers in Spain, you will receive tailored legal advice covering the different Spanish residence permits and work authorizations. We have assisted many people from the USA, UK, Australia, India, Morocco, Turkey, Philippines, Canada, Dubai, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Lebanon, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, and China to move to Spain. So, we are very familiar with the performance and specialties of each Spanish consulate in these countries.

As we said, our main goal and mission is to offer all the legal assistance an expat in Spain could need. To achieve this, we have the best immigration lawyers on our team. The most common immigration processes that our clients request is applying for the Non-Lucrative Visa, Golden Visa, Entrepreneur Visa, Self-Employed Visa, EU Family Reunification, Spanish citizenship, Highly Qualified Residency permit, intra-companies transfer, Portuguese citizenship by Sephardi origin and Spanish Citizenship by Sephardi origin.

Our immigration lawyers in Barcelona and Madrid are 100% specialized in Spanish immigration law, and they can find the suitable Spanish visa and work authorization for you.

We are a multilingual team. All our immigration lawyers in Madrid and Barcelona speak English and some of them speak French, Arabic, Turkish and Russian.