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Are you the parent of a Spanish child but lack the financial means to apply for the EU Family Reunification Residency Permit?

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This Spanish Residency Permit is the result of the case called Europena Court Sentence-200/02, Zhu y Chen.

Thanks to this legal option, as the parent of a Spanish or EU citizen child, you can obtain a Spanish Residence Permit valid for one year.

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What are the main requirements to qualify for the Arraigo Familiar?

  1. Be a family member of an EU citizen or a Spanish citizen.
  2. Do not have sufficient financial means.
  3. Do not have a criminal record.
  4. Have documentation proving the relationship with the EU or Spanish citizen.

How can I apply for the Spanish Arraigo Familiar Residency Permit?

The application will be submitted digitally on your behalf by your immigration lawyer in Spain.

The application result can take up to 3 months.

If the application is approved by the immigration office, the residency will be valid for one year.

After that year, the holder of this Residency Permit will need to modify it to a different type of visa, such as the Spanish Residency or Work Authorization visa.

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What are the benefits of this residency permit?

This is a good option for those who do not have sufficient financial means or access to private health insurance.

Another benefit of this residence permit is that it includes a Work Authorization. So, the holder of this permit can work legally in Spain.


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