Can I apply for a Student visa from Spain?

Yes, according to the modified law in 2018, you can apply for your Student visa from Spain.

Can I do an internship with a Student visa?
Yes, with your Student visa you are allowed to do an internship as long as it does not exceed more than 20 hours per week.
There are two types of internships:

The Curricular Internship which requires the signature of an agreement between the academic institution and the company the student will be working for.

The Extracurricular Internship, which requires a specific authorization from the Spanish immigration office first.

Can I change my Student visa to a Residency visa or Work Authorization?
Yes, after 3 years of residency in Spain, you can submit your modification during the 90 days before the card’s expiration date.
The applicant can change a Student Residence permit to a Work Authorization as an employee or as self-employed/autonomous (as long as he/she is starting a business in Spain).
Can I bring my family if I have a Student visa in Spain?
Yes, the holder of a Student visa has the possibility to bring her/his spouse, registered partner and his/her children younger than 18 years, or older than 18 years (with a disability).
Can I extend my stay in order to complete my studies in Spain?
Yes, if your studies have been extended, the student has the possibility to submit the extension of his/her Spanish student visa to the immigration office.

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