The <padron Certificate> indicates exactly where you live and with who and anyone who lives in a Spanish city has to apply for this document at the town hall in which the applicant’s address is registered. In other words, it is the proof that you live in Spain.

This process is mandatory before obtaining the TIE Card or applying for some type of residency permits like the Eu certificate or Eu family Reunification residency permit.   

In case you, have successful gain your Non lucrative visa, you will need to get your registration at the city council and obtain your padron before completing the process and obtain your TIE card.

How can I get my padron– residence certificate?  

The first step is to take an appointment at the city hall. Once it is obtained, you have to bring certain documents with you for the appointment:

  • Your passport

  • Any bill.

  • Rental contract with at least 6-month validity time.

The other possibility is to live with someone who authorizes you to get registered at his/her house. For this you will need to have an authorization, at Marfour will draft for your such authorization. 

You will get the Padron in a few minutes; it is a very quick procedure.

At Marfour international law firm we can help you to get your padron and arrange your appointment with the corresponding authorities.