Spain is a popular destination for international students due to its rich cultural heritage, beautiful landscapes, and renowned universities. However, many students who come to Spain on a student permit find themselves wanting to stay longer and pursue employment opportunities in the country. If you are one of those students, Marfour International Law firm will guide you through the whole process of moving from a student permit residency to work residency in Spain.

Step 1: Verify that you are eligible to apply for a work residency.

Before applying for a work residency, you must ensure that you meet the requirements. To be eligible, you must have completed your studies in Spain, and your employer must provide you with a job offer. Additionally, your job must meet the minimum salary requirements set by the Spanish government, which is currently 1,180 euro per month.

Step 2: Obtain a job offer from a Spanish employer.

To secure a job opportunity, you may explore available positions on digital job boards, consult with the career center at your academic institution, or make professional connections in your desired field. After being offered a position, your employer will furnish you with a contract that specifies your responsibilities, compensation, and salary, that your immigration lawyer will inform you.

Step 3: Apply for a work permit.

Once you have a job offer, Marfour International Law Firm will help you in the process of application for a work permit. To do so, you must submit us the following documents:

  • Application form
  • A copy of your passport
  • Your job offers contract
  • Proof of financial means to support yourself in Spain (such as a bank statement)
  • A criminal background check from your home country
  • A medical certificate
  • And other documents that your immigration lawyer will inform you.

Please note that prior to summer 2022, you needed to have studied in Spain for at least three years on a valid student residency card in order to be eligible for a work permit. However, with the amendment to the Ley de Extranjería in 2022, you can now switch from a student visa to a work permit automatically after completing your studies, regardless of the duration of your studies. Moreover, there’s no need any more to add your scholarship certificate if you received one during your studies.

Keep in mind also that you can apply for a Self-employed residency and work permit, as a freelancer with a business plan to run in Spain.

In conclusion, moving from a student permit residency to work residency in Spain requires careful planning and preparation. By putting your trust in us, we can ensure you a smooth transition from student to professional life in this vibrant country. Remember, the key to success is to start early, contact us as soon as possible, and we will take care of the rest.