FIRST OPTION: From Student permit to WORK PERMIT:

This option requires you to have stayed with your student permit in the country at least 3 years.

                • Work Permit as an employee

You will just need to get a job offer in order to apply for this Work Permit.

                • Work Permit as a self-employed

Here, you will need to present a business plan

SECOND OPTION: Apply to Highly Qualified Worker:

In this second option, you do not have to live in the country for 3 years. You just have to get a job offer as a highly skilled professional. However, there are few conditions to meet as getting a salary between 40.000 to 45.000 or above

As well, it is highly recommended to have the qualification or a experience for more than 3 years.


To qualify for this option, you have to obtain an official master accredited by the Ministry of Education. If this is his case, then you can apply for this type of residency permit and get a residency permit valid for one year in order to look for a suitable job in relation to the level of studies completed or to undertake a business project.

However, this permit does not include a work authorization. Then, after one year, you will make the modification to a self-employed work permit.


The authorization of residence for internships has to meet some criteria:

  • You have already obtained a higher degree in the two years prior to the date of application of this residency and work permit.
  • The internship should be carried in the same field of your studies
  • The relation is directly between the Student and the company. No need for a convenio of Practicas – internship convention.

By obtaining this residence permit, you can start working as an intern and then modified your residence authorization for internship into a work permit (if you get a job offer).

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