Well, in many cases, Spanish/EU citizens do not have the economic funds required to apply for EU family reunification, ensuring they can support the reunited family. Therefore, the Arraigo Familiar, a process more accessible for family members of Spanish or EU citizens, becomes a preferable option.Well, in many cases, the Spanish /EU citizen does not have the economic funds required to apply for EU reunification, in order to assure they will be able to support the family reunited. Therefore, the family Arraigo, or Arraigo Familiar, is a much more accessible process for family members of Spanish or EU citizens.


The main thing is to prove that you have a link with to a Spanish / EU citizen. This means that a various amount of people can go through the Arraigo Familiar process, such as:

•             The father or mother of a Spanish / EU child under 18 years old: they need to live under the same roof or at least be up to date on their parental obligations, such  as (child support or, visitation).

•             The legal guardian of a Spanish national minor.

•             The children of a Spanish citizen if they are under 21 years old, or if over 21 years old, the process is possible if they prove that they live under the Spanish citizen’s chargecare.

•             The person supporting a Spanish person with a disability, ifdisability if they live together.

•             Children of Spanish citizen by origin (born in Spain / Historical memory law).

•             The spouse or accredited domestic partner of a Spanish citizen, as well as their ascendants over 65 years old and descendants under 21 years old.

NB: If you are not formally registered as a legal couple with the Spanish / EU citizen, you will not be eligible for the Arraigo Familiar process,, but you can will still be able to still do an EU family reunification by doing registering a partnership union registration. This process can be different differs for each city, but overallas a minimum, you will need to be oOver 18 years old, living with your partner, and not currently married., and In some cities, you’ll have to provide proof of a certain length of time of cohabitation.


                The advantage of this process is mainly the absence of a minimum of financial means requirement. However, the applicant still needs to prove that they have no criminal record, andrecord and will have to provide documentation accrediting their relationship with the Spanish/ EU citizen.

                The application As for the application, it is made online, and the result can take up to 3 months.


First, theis permit is valid for one year, which means that during that time you will be able to live legally in Spain, after which,, but you’ll have to apply for another type of Visa at the end of this the residency permit.

                On another hand, this The permit includes a work authorization, which allows the family of an EU / Spanish citizen who did not have the necessary means for supporting them, to support themselves instead. In addition, for the children of Spanish citizens by origin, this work authorization will facilitate the application for a work residency permit once the one-year Arraigo familiar permit has expired Furthermore, in the case of the children of Spaniards of origin, this work authorization will make it easier to apply for a work residency permit after the one-year Arraigo familiar permit has passed.

                You want Interested in to go going through the Arraigo Familiar process? Do not hesitate to contact our immigration lawyers at info@marfourlaw.com, they will be able to advise you and help you through the entire process.